She Said, She Said

One of the things I hoped would come of this blog is that it would help people see that our family is not so very different from “traditional” families. My partner suggested this topic to show that our relationship is not so very different from heterosexual relationships, either. We’re just two people who love each other, and just like other couples, we sometimes have some difficulty communicating clearly:

What she/I said:                                                    What she/I meant:

I got this on sale! I spent way too much money.
That’s nice, honey. I stopped listening 5 minutes ago.
This is a relationship, not a competition. I’m so winning.
I cleaned the boys’ bathroom. I am a saint.
The dog vomited in the living room. It’s your turn.
No, I don’t mind at all. You owe me big. 
You don’t have to get me anything for my birthday. I want something that’s not too expensive but thoughtful enough to show me just how much you love me.
I don’t care. Yes I do.
I’m not mad. You’re in deep shit.
I’m really sorry. Aw c’mon. That was funny.
No, I don’t think you’re fat! I think you’re beautiful.*

*I bet you think I copped out on this one, don’t you? I didn’t. I’m just that lucky.

My next t-shirt.

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