Who Needs a Darkroom?

I think that to me probably the coolest thing about the 21st century besides digital cameras is photo editing software.  I have Photoshop Elements and sitting on my couch tinkering with it sure beats investing in a bunch of expensive equipment and spending an afternoon in a dark closet with open trays of smelly chemicals. Even for a complete novice like me, adjusting the basics is pretty simple. Then I just have to pick what I like best.

But I can be seriously indecisive, so I thought I’d get your help. Here are three different treatments of the same image of a leafless tree towering over an abandoned school. What do you like best?

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  1. Looking through an iPhone…I like #3. But they all have strong points.

  2. I would say the first one. Monochrome dosent give much extra to it 🙂

  3. I think the second one. The highlights in the tree make it for me. I love photos of trees.

  4. Sherrie stringer

     /  July 7, 2012

    Third one. I like the dark tree…makes the picture feel older, ominous. The building is also a little darker and the broken out windows stand out more. The first shot is great but too bright and cheery.

  5. U like the 2nd one-it brings out the old building and makes it more a part of the intended thought…black and white seems to have a nostalgic richness that I love. Colors don’t distract , “faults” seem less obvious. I would like to learn more about the computer editing of photos-tell me about what you use, how you learned about it etc. I have lost the book for my Nikon coolpix 6100 and it cost 9-20 bucks for a new one, but I need it so bad and have heard it is a good camera if you know the 101;s…I have also heard you can get a new digital”back for my old 35 mm camera and using an adapter, I can use all my lenses, filters, etc…I’d like to do that but it is expensive…any thoughts???

  6. Thanks to everyone for the feedback! So far (including one response on Facebook), the tally is:
    #1 – 1 vote
    #2 – 3 votes
    #3 – 2 votes
    I’m hoping for more responses so we can get a definitive winner (because I still can’t decide).

  7. After much deliberation between the 2nd and the 3rd, I’m going with the 3rd…..there’s more drama in it. 🙂
    Playing around with images is fun! I love it. Thank heavens for the digital age!

  8. I love #2 for the highest creepiness factor.

  9. I like the second one better. Like the highlights on the tree.

  10. OK, I’m going with door no. 1 — I think there is enough creepiness in the world (and the abandoned looking school) that there’s no need to emphasize. And schools are used during the day.

  11. I think I’m going with #2 — the manner in which the tree’s lighted matches the subject matter…. Lovely!!

  12. You know me -reality man. #1 gets my vote. Love

  13. Anita Gallagher

     /  July 8, 2012

    I like #2 ! It looks very moody.

  14. Current tally is:
    #1 – 3 votes
    #2 – 7
    #3 – 3
    Looks like we have a clear front runner! Thanks to everyone who has spoken up so far (especially Mom and Dad).

  15. Wow, this is a tough choice, and the kind of thing Sara tries to make me comment on every day. However, the 2nd and 3rd, I like more than the first. Beyond that, I can’t decide. Hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend, Tori.

  16. I like # two

  17. oh, the second. it has just the right amount of eerie in it, haha. peace! ^^ i also like the first ’cause it has colors. but the image looks a bit unruly, though. rather spread, say? hello! 😉

  18. #2 – darker and gloomier

  19. I would keep both the black-and-whites. Why not? They don’t take up space. I think the second is the best if I had to absolutely choose in general, but the third is more ominous, and good material for a creative writing prompt or some other occasion.

  20. Current tally (including Facebook):
    #1 – 4 votes
    #2 – 10
    #3 – 4
    And 1 undecided. Thanks, ya’ll!


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