As an inlander, watching the sunrise over the Atlantic is a treat. So usually the first morning after we arrive at the beach, I set an alarm and get up at dawn while everyone else is sleeping.

This year, I slept in the first couple of mornings, but yesterday my eyes blinked open at 5:30 about an hour before the sunrise. I grabbed my camera and a cup of coffee and went out to the beach to wait.

There was a wicked chill in the wind and my hands were getting numb by the time the sun made an appearance. One other person was on the beach waiting for the sunrise too, so I framed her in the photo.

When the sun finally broke free of the clouds, it was brilliant.

Behind me, the moon was still high in the west. I snapped one more photo and went in to get some hot coffee.

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  1. Really great photos, I love the colors in these and the beautiful framing and silhouetting of the person waiting for the sun. Keep up the great work.

  2. Anita Gallagher

     /  April 11, 2012

    So glad I bought you that camera! Keep the pictures coming. Love, Mom

  3. S Foy

     /  April 11, 2012

    It’s beautiful! I think it was worth the chill!

  4. That’s awesome… I don’t often make it up to see the sunrise but Tammy and I did when we were in Virginia Beach a couple of years ago. It was beautiful and the picture I took (with my toes included) is what I used for my blog’s banner.

    Whichever beach we hit this summer I’ll have to make sure we get up at least once so we can watch the sun rise again.

    Love the vacation pics… definitely making me long for some salty air and sand beneath my toes.

    • I love your banner photo! I hope you get to the beach soon and catch that sunrise. I’ll look forward to seeing the photos on your blog.

  5. Two more months and I’m there! I never wake up that early, but my husband wakes earlier and earlier these days. He got up to watch the sunrise and comb the beach one morning when we were there last summer. I stayed in for shuteye. Maybe this year I’ll join him.

    • I’m excited for you! I hope ya’ll have a great time. (And you should definitely get up early and take that walk with your husband.)

  6. Beautiful. Just came from a trip in the mountains, but you so have me longing for the beach.

    • I saw your post. I’m so glad you got to drive the Blue Ridge Parkway. We lived in the NC mountains for 10 years and I miss the Parkway and trails. I’m happy to hear you had such a peaceful, productive time in Virginia. What a beautiful place to get a fresh perspective.

  7. Absolutely beautiful! You’ve got me really wanting to go back there for a visit again soon! There’s just something so inspiring about a sunrise at the beach. It’s a total reaffirmation that each day we’re given (at least in that moment in time) a clean slate and fresh start.

    Thanks for posting! 🙂

  8. Very pretty shots! Brilliant colours. Love it.

  9. Beautiful Photos!!!

  10. So beautiful

  11. God, I love to be on the beach when the sun rises. Your photos are gorgeous, Tori!

  12. sherrie stringer

     /  April 18, 2012

    Wow…these are fantastic Tori! I will take sunrise pic #2 in an 11 x 20 please…

  13. Breathtaking photos here! Wow! What camera do you use, if you don’t mind telling?

  14. I’m trying to catch up on comments I missed. Sorry for the delay! I use a Canon Rebel XS EOS 1000D (Isn’t that a ridiculously long string of letters and numbers?) I also have a 75-300mm zoom lens for it that I use quite a lot.


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