Island Wildlife

It’s hard to imagine what life on a barrier island like Hatteras must be like for wildlife when a hurricane can come along any year and level dunes that took years to build, wipe out a forest, even cut new channels right through the island like Irene did last year. But life abides. Especially shore birds who just need a place to rest, to nest, to roost, to feed. This place is a birder’s paradise.

I went exploring yesterday around the cape and came across this great egret and three white ibises feeding together in a marsh. Unfortunately, the grass was so high, I couldn’t get a good shot of all of them together but the egret was kind enough to give me this photo op.

And then one of the ibises hopped out of the grass so I could finally see more than his head and beak.

I went on to find a closed campground that I thought was completely abandoned until I came across a few of the locals.

I thought I was being stealthy by sneaking up on them them so slowly and carefully until I finally realized they weren’t afraid of me at all. There were four in all, two adults and two young.

This little one seemed curious but not at all afraid.

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  1. The ibis is beautiful! Great shot.

  2. Love your photos. Beautiful shots of the animals.

  3. Great pictures!

  4. These photos are fabulous, Tori. Love the baby at the end. Enjoy the rest of your week at the beach!


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