The Other Side of the Mirror

Sometimes a perfectly reflected image can play havoc with the mind. But sometimes an imperfect mirror is the most interesting and unpredictable. What do you think?

Would this have been a better photo if the water had been still? 

I love how just flipping an image can change the way we think about it.

Cut and paste?

Can you tell which way is up?

Broken windows make things interesting.

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  1. God, these photos are amazing, T! Love the movement in the “mirrros!”

  2. Loving your photos, especially the gator! Love playing with reflections when it comes to photography – thanks for sharing! Have a Great Day:)

  3. Great photos and you’re right about the distortion increasing the interest. Where were they taken?

    • Let’s see – a pond near my son’s school, a marina in Mississippi, the Outer Banks, Asheboro Zoo, and an abandoned building. Thanks for visiting!

  4. These photos are amazing… Love the subject matter because it makes a person really think.

  5. The photos are amazing… Love how the subject of each photo makes a person really think about ‘mirrors’ and the different types of reflections they provide.

  6. I’ve always liked water reflections…beautiful.

  7. Pretty cool. The broken window reflection is crazy; I couldn’t figure out what it was. There’s 30 minutes of my life I can never get back.

    • Glad to hear it! That’s kind of the effect I was going for. (I’m still giggling about your foods-no-one-should-eat post. Really loved that one.)

  8. Fantastic! I especially love the first two! Gotta remember to see things from other perspectives!

  9. Such lovely pictures! 🙂


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